Patent and patent application Claims data (Stata (.dta) and MS Excel (.csv))

Patent assignment economics data for academia and researchers: created/maintained by the USPTO Chief Economist (JAN 1970 - DEC 2022)

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Contains detailed information on roughly 10.0 million patent assignments and other transactions recorded at the USPTO since 1970 and involving roughly 17.8 million patents and patent applications. For more information:
Contains detailed information on claims from U.S. patents granted between January 1976 and December 2014 and U.S. patent applications published between March 15, 2001 and December 2014. The dataset is derived from the Patent Grant Full Text and Patent Application Full Text bulk data files. The Office of Chief Economist (OCE) applied a Python algorithm to identify individual claims as well as the dependency relationship between claims. From the parsed claims text, OCE created six data files containing individually-parsed claims, claim-level statistics, and document-level statistics, including newly-developed measures of patent scope.
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