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1.0 | Patents

Our Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) API (Beta) is a RESTful API with an easy to use search interface. You can easily browse USPTO PTAB public documents, search for specific content, and request a bulk download of PTAB content.  

The PTAB API synchronizes nightly with the PTAB E2E (end-to-end) system making the latest public America Invents Action (AIA) Trials information and documents available.

The PTAB API is a beta (initial) release.

Jul 11th, 2017


Tom Marman

Please include tech center and/or art unit search/filter capabilities in your API.

Michael F. Martin

It looks like the SSL certificate for may have expired


Hi -- that URL is not directly accessible you need to something like to make an api request.

Yuning Guan

Please include the patent status, like "Pending" or "Instituted" or "Not Instituted" or "Terminated", in the document data.

Derek Handova

There was a story last year about the USPTO API being made public: When will you be done beta testing and deliver a GA release product?

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