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Patent Examination Data System

1.2.1 | Patents

Retrieve and download multiple publically-available Public PAIR records of USPTO patent applications.

Patent Examination Data System lets customers retrieve and download multiple records of USPTO patent application or patent filing status at no cost. PEDS contains the bibliographic, published document and patent term extension data tabs in Public PAIR from 1981 to present. There is also some data dating back to 1935. Customers can download the entire dataset containing the data for all indexed documents.

 There are over 9.4 million records in PEDS. The data can be accessed by anyone using the web interface or the provided Application Programming Interface (API). PEDS is updated daily and mirrors the data available in the Patent Application Location and Monitoring system (PALM). PEDS provides access to public applications including: published patent applications and patents. PCT applications that have not been published by WIPO. Any applications that have not been released by the USPTO will not be available in PEDS.

Sep 17th, 2018


A Onoma

What is the schema for the pairbulk-full json file?


It follows the WIPO ST.96 schema for Bibliographic data.

Puneet Jain

Do we have any API for private data ? Please suggest how we can get our private pair data.


No - the USPTO does not currently provide an API to access private pair data in bulk. You can visit for more information to access private pair data.

Parker hancock

Is there a public issue tracker somewhere? I've noticed a number of bugs I'd like to report. For example, the view function at "queries/{query_id}/results" has a paging issue. Each page reports that it contains 25 entries, and each page starts at a multiple of 25. However, each page only contains 20 entries, and omits (presumably) the last five of each page.


Hi - I'm not aware of a public issue tracker for the API, but will be happy to pass the suggestion along to the team. You can also send them feedback at

Anmol Saini

Is there any way we can access Continuity Data like filing of divisional, continuation or CIP?


Hi - I don't believe that the API currently supports that feature. You can send the team feedback at if you'd like that feature in a future release.

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